Margo Greenwood
    • Dr. Margo Greenwood consults with our firm on evaluations and studies related to First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Margo is an Associate Professor in both the Education and First Nations Studies departments at the University of Northern British Columbia and directs a number of research institutes including the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health, the Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs, UNBC Task Force on Substance Abuse and BC Initiatives, a Ministry of Health activity that is comprised of Aboriginal ACTNOW BC and Preschool Visual Screening. Margo is an Indigenous scholar of Cree ancestry with more than 20 years experience related to Indigenous peoples’ health and wellbeing, Indigenous knowledge, child health and wellbeing, population health and the determinants of health, and the science of knowledge translation and implementation. Margo has served with over 20 national and provincial federations, committees and assemblies, and has undertaken work with Unicef, the United Nations, and the Canadian Reference Group to the World Health Organization Commission on Health Determinants.  Margo holds a PhD in Education from UBC, a Masters of Arts from UVIC, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta.
Marcia Turner
    • Marcia Turner is Gitxsan from the Lax Gibuu (wolf) clan and Wilp Haisimsque (house of Chief Haisimsque), her ancestral name is ‘Naa-mehl which means “to tell” as in “messenger”. Marcia is a progressive leader working with a diverse range of public agencies, non-profit organizations, governments, and post-secondary institutions in BC, Canada, and Internationally. Drawing from over twenty years of experience working with Indigenous communities as well as with non-Indigenous organizations, Marcia works to advance Indigenous policy, amplify Indigenous voices, address equity for Indigenous people, and privilege Indigenous knowledge systems.
      She has the political and cultural acumen to navigate and respect the diversity of Indigenous people, histories, cultures, and communities. Marcia has extensive experience in Indigenous engagement, bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships.
Robert Vandenberg
    • Robert Vandenberg is a Senior Associate with Ference & Company. Robert is a Credentialed Evaluator with over 30 years of experience in the design, management, and implementation of program evaluations both in Canada and internationally. Robert has led multiple program evaluations as a performance manager consultant across 25 countries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Robert also has extensive experience in governance assessment and capacity building for public sector and non-government institutions and organizations, including several years of front-line work as an Organizational Development Delegate for the Canadian Red Cross in Sri Lanka. Robert has a Master of Arts in International Development as well as a Diploma in Policy and Program Evaluation from Carleton University. 
Don Stuckert
    • Don has extensive experience in business and technology. He has held executive positions in numerous large and complex corporations as President, Vice President Technology, VP CIO, as a Technology Advisor to Executives and Boards and as a Technology Entrepreneur. As a seasoned senior executive, he has shown proven leadership and management skills as well as the ability to build credibility with Board members, peers, senior stakeholders, and team members. He has worked in a variety of industries including digital/technology start-ups, financial services, research & development, energy, telecommunications, entertainment, and business. He founded two tech companies in BC. Don is currently acting as a Technology Advisor to industry and government and as an associate with Ference & Company in technology performance reviews and business consulting. While Don has worked in his profession, he has continuously worked with non-profits in door-to-door canvasser, Board member, and Board Chair positions. Don has worked with key organizations in the fields of mental health, first responders, innovation, academia (post secondary and k-12) and the Olympics. He is currently Vice Chair of the Innovate BC Board of Directors and a Board member for the Dakota Bi-Polar Awareness Foundation