About Us

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About Us

Ference & Company is one of Canada’s leading program evaluation and research consulting firms. Since 1980, we have worked with federal, provincial and municipal governments, crown corporations, industry associations, private companies, Indigenous organizations and non-profits to conduct program evaluations, performance measurement frameworks, labour market studies, sector strategies, as well as engagement and facilitation services, business planning, and marketing strategies.

Our firm understands that good strategic planning comes from good information. Our clients look to us to provide analysis and direction that will inspire and inform action. In all of our projects, we endeavour to provide our clients with the strong evidence base they need to drive the future of their organization.


Ference & Company’s mission is to provide governments, industry and the non-profit sector with program evaluation expertise and research that is tailored to their unique needs and produces actionable recommendations that lead to positive change.


A more prosperous future where our public, private, and non-profit institutions are more responsive, dynamic and effective.

Company Values

Integrity – We conduct our work in a manner that is honest, neutral, and respectful.


Quality – We strive to produce high quality deliverables that are thoughtfully designed, thoroughly researched, and professionally executed and include useful and actionable recommendations.


Innovation – We foster curiosity, innovation and introspection and encourage ongoing professional development.


Collaboration – We work in partnership with clients and colleagues in considering different perspectives and leveraging strengths.


Work-Life Balance – We value personal well-being and strive to foster a positive work-life balance.